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A wellbeing workshop for teachers

Tired of feeling like your to-do list rules your life? 

Want to reignite the enthusiasm you have for teaching and ditch the overwhelm? 

Ready to cultivate a more mindful, calm and balanced life?  

I’ve been there. I get it. 

As a teacher myself, I’ve been well acquainted with the all-too-familiar burn out, anxiety and overwhelm that is commonplace for teachers. 


But by deep-diving into personal development work, mindfulness practices and radical self-awareness, I’ve successfully revolutionised my life and it’s now my mission to support my fellow educators to do the same. 


I created the Learn To Thrive workshop to inspire teachers like YOU to ditch the burnout, prioritise their wellbeing and cultivate true work-life balance. 

"Honestly, I can't think of anything that would've improved this workshop!" 

I learnt that I'm not alone, that small changes are a good place to start and that it's important to honour and value myself. 

I loved Jess' honesty and sharing her personal journey. She had a great balance of sharing without telling others what to do. We could make our own decisions/choices and she guided us.


In this workshop, you'll: 

  • Meet other like-minded educators and form lasting connections

  • Reconnect with your ‘why’ for teaching

  • Do a stock-take on how you’re showing up right now

  • Participate in a powerful visualisation session

  • Gain practical tips on how you can use mindfulness to achieve work-life balance

  • Hear Jess speak about how she has personally revolutionised her own life 

  • Enjoy some delicious, healthy snacks

  • Create inspired action steps and affirmations to support you moving forward

  • Finish with a meditation specifically designed for educators


"I'm just starting out in my teaching career and I don't want to get burnt out." 

I attended the Learn To Thrive event so I could learn how to make changes early on that will help me in the long run. 

My biggest takeaway was the concept of 'tweaking' what I already do in my day instead of adding things.



This is for the burnt out, overwhelmed and undervalued educators who selflessly serve and say yes to others, but have forgotten to say yes to themselves in the process. 


It’s for the school teachers, mentors and tutors who are in dire need of some R&R, but can’t seem to find that balance between work and home. 


​It’s for the school principals who are ready to prioritise and support the wellbeing of their staff in 2022. 

"I now feel SO inspired  and have lots of things to implement and change!" 

I've been teaching for 40 years and was feeling burnt out amidst negative vibes and conversations. I was wanting to get my life back on track and not be focused solely on work. 

I loved the way the session flowed calmly and smoothly with no rushing to meet a deadline. It was also great to have some interaction but also time for personal thinking. 




How long does the Learn To Thrive workshop run for? 

Learn To Thrive is offered in two packages: 


Option A: 2 hour workshop on campus for school staff (Principals and leadership staff can book this package for PD Days and meetings to support the wellbeing of their staff) 


Option B: 3 hour workshop off campus for individual teachers (Usually held at yoga studios, for teachers who are seeking like-minded community outside of the school setting) 


Do I need to bring anything to the workshop? 


You’ll definitely want to bring a pen and a journal to take notes. 


If you’re attending an off-campus workshop then please wear comfortable clothing (active wear is encouraged) as we will be sitting on the floor and on bolsters for some of the session. 

How much does the workshop cost? 


Option A: Each 2 hour workshop costs $480, plus a $50 travel fee if your school is over 30 minutes travel time from Joondalup. (25 people per session) 

Tip: Your school may choose to book multiple sessions on one day to allow for each department/phase level to attend. 


Option B: Tickets are $45 for individual teachers attending the 3 hour workshop.

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"Learn To Thrive was very informative. All staff left with tools to help manage their well being, balance their school day and transition to home life."

-Bateman Primary School staff

Register your school's interest

To book a Learn To Thrive workshop for your school in 2022, please fill out the form below and Jess will be in touch with you. 

Thanks for submitting!


"This was the BEST PD I've been to in my 6 years of teaching!" 


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