You're here to serve. 

You've always known it. Helping others lights you up. 

You just wish you were as confident in yourself as you are in the classroom. 

You’re compassionate and empathetic but in saying yes to others, you've forgotten to say yes to yourself.

You know you have more to offer the world but you're the 'introverted' one. 

You're tired of comparing yourself to those around you, who seem to have it all together.

You're on the edge of burnout and you're done with the overwhelm. 

You're ready to live a more calm and balanced life. 

I see you. And I'm here to help.



*You are ready to become the best version of you

*You are ready to cultivate more calm and balance

*You are ready to drop the perfectionism and live more authentically

*You are ready to do the work and take back authorship of your life

*You are ready to serve in a sustainable way



My coaching is not for you if you’re not ready to let go of old stories and habits, aren’t open to investing time and energy into yourself and our series, and if you want somebody else to do the work for you.

(But I know you've got what it takes- otherwise you wouldn't have found me!)



*Uncover your dreams for the future


*Set inspiring goals that will see you brimming with excitement about the changes you’re going to make


*Celebrate the strengths, skills and abilities you already have and look at how we can use them in achieving your goals

*Re-write any old stories that are holding you back


*Get accountable! I will hold your hand and gently nudge you to take inspired action 



*The permission to love yourself whole-heartedly

*Increased energy and excitement about life

*Mindful strategies that you can implement in the classroom and out​

*More self-awareness and consciousness

*The accountability to achieve and reach your goals at a dizzying pace

*A balance between your work life and your home life

*A lifelong soul sister ;) 

That old voice of fear popping up right now? Is your inner critic telling you that this might not be the right time, that maybe you won’t be a ‘good’ client (been there!), or that you’ll figure it all out some other way…


I dare you to notice what she’s saying, kindly thank her for her input and then let her go. Let saying YES to working with me be the first step towards creating a more mindful, calm and balanced life. 


 You are SO worth it!


Option 1: 
3 Month Coaching Package
Option 2: 
90 Minute Single Consult 

Psst! Never fear. If you can't find a time that suits you, simply shoot me an email at info@jessicademunck.com and we will jiggle things around until they do!

“My confidence has increased and I’m now able to cope better with anxious thoughts and feelings.”

When I began my coaching series with Jess, I was starting a new exciting job after having 6 months off to study. I was struggling with figuring out what I wanted to get out of life. I felt like I was in limbo. After reading about Jess’ business online I thought it would be a great step for me to take. Guidance was what I needed. I had never worked with a coach before. I expected to be challenged and supported throughout my sessions and that’s exactly what happened. 


My first session went really well! Talking to Jess was easy and I felt completely comfortable throughout the hour. I had three clear goals that I could clearly picture myself achieving. I kept my coaching mostly private although my family always noticed I was buzzing after my sessions. I’m completely happy with my coaching experience and would describe it as fulfilling, encouraging and fun!


-Tala Dye

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