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You know there's more to life than feeling burnt out and exhausted all the time.

You're ready to EXHALE.


You dream of:

✨ Showing up with more calm, peace and presence

✨ Managing your workload (sans the overwhelm) so you can focus on the joy of teaching again

✨ Having time in your week to fill up your cup

✨ Ditching the dread and being excited to teach again

✨ Feeling more aligned and confident in who you truly are



Because I've been exactly where you are.


I know what it's like to:

  • Feel drained, as a teacher

  • Feel scattered inside a mind that has negative self-talk on loud volume

  • Not be able to rest without feeling guilty about it

  • Be waiting until 'things calm down' to finally prioritise my wellbeing

I get it because I lived it.

Until one day, I took the same courageous leap that you're about to take and everything changed for the better.


✔ I gave myself permission to put ME first

✔ I settled my nervous system and experienced more balance than ever before

✔ I went from crying in the deputy's office most weeks to being asked to present mindfulness PD's and guide my colleagues towards cultivating calm

The system still existed but I had changed within it.


This then led to:​

✔ Building a soul led coaching business to support my fellow teachers to thrive alongside me

✔ Hosting in person workshops, speaking at education conferences and leading school based PD's

✔ Working with the most magical 1:1 clients to revolutionise their lives


Because I want you to know that it's possible.

That it can be different. 

Despite what *those* conversations in the staffroom might lead you to believe.

You deserve to thrive and I'm here to help you do just that.


“The coaching Jess gave me has allowed me to achieve my goals!” 


Before my session with Jess, I was struggling with my confidence at work, wanting more balance between work and home and I was trying to make a decision about my professional future. By the end of our session I realised that a lot of my own thoughts and feelings were just what I was thinking in my own head and were not actually 'real'. I’m now a lot more aware of when I am doing this and I’m able to change my thinking. 


3 months on and I can say that the coaching Jess gave me has allowed me to achieve my goals! With deep breathing, being more mindful and turning negative thoughts into positives ones I went into a big job interview with confidence. I’m happy to say that I got the job and I’m now a deputy principal! 


Throughout my day, I think of the tips I learnt and use them when I need to. I’m even starting to suggest them to my daughter! 


-Fiona Byrne 


✨ Ditch the dread, exhaustion and burnout

✨ Feel confident to advocate for yourself and your wellbeing

 ✨ Have the skills to feel more calm, balanced and replenished

✨ Take back control of your time and energy

✨ Show your students what's possible for them too



✅ You're a teacher or pre-service teacher of some kind 


✅ You are ready to become the best version of you

✅ You are ready to cultivate more calm and balance

✅ You are ready to drop the perfectionism and live more authentically

✅ You are ready to do the work and take back authorship of your life

✅ You are ready to serve in a sustainable way


*My coaching is not for you if you’re not ready to let go of old stories and habits, aren’t open to investing time and energy into yourself and our series, and if you want somebody else to do the work for you.*

(But I know you've got what it takes- otherwise you wouldn't have found me!)





The Power Hour Package


The Total Peace Package

For the teacher who is ready to start making changes and wants support to get going. 


What's included:

​- You'll receive a pre-coaching questionnaire so that we can both gain clarity on where you're at and what's keeping you stuck

- 1x 60 minute private coaching session with me

- You'll leave with clear goals to move forward with and a BUNCH of inspired actions to help you achieve them

- 2x weeks of Voxer (Messaging app) support following our session

Investment: $247 AUD

For the teacher who knows that now is the time to up-level in all areas and wants ongoing support over 3 months to revolutionise their life.


What's included:

​- You'll receive a pre-coaching questionnaire so that we can both gain clarity on where you're at and what's keeping you stuck

- 1x complimentary clarity call to dive deeper into your vision for change

- 6x 60 minute calls (fortnightly) where we work through your current blocks, plan your steps to self-care and shift your mindset completely.

- UNLIMITED Voxer (Messaging app) support between sessions

Investment: $1,794 AUD

Payment plans available

"The biggest change I've noticed is that I now feel courageous enough to advocate myself!"


When we first connected, I was facing a lot of self-doubt and was worried about my future direction. I realised that I was bringing a lot of work things home with me and it was affecting my relationship. 


Jess is a fantastic listener who was able to articulate my thoughts and feelings when I was unable to articulate them myself. My coaching experience was energising, confidence-building and I felt heard + listened to. 


For me, the biggest change I’ve noticed is the ability to advocate for myself. When it came to staffing at the end of the year, I decided to stand my ground and make it known that I wanted to stay in my role for next year, largely due to my coaching with Jessica. In the end, my courage paid off! I will be an interventionist again next year and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

-Chelsea Duff



I've been an educator for 9+ years

-This means I understand the industry and know exactly what you're going through

-You can feel comfortable in sharing with me without the fear of it impacting your job

have a very specific set of skills

...No, not those ones! Haha

- What I mean is, I've nailed the balance between offering both practical and emotional guidance (I'm a Gemini, what can I say?)

- This means that your coaching series will be both emotionally supportive and grounded in practical action

The teachers I work with see lasting results

- My clients have found sustainable work/life balance, increased their confidence and ability to speak up authentically, re-written their beliefs on just what is possible for them as a teacher, scored promotions with ease after years of being too nervous to apply, completely shifted their perspectives and experienced a new lease on life, gained the courage to advocate for themselves in a school setting and learnt how to consistently recharge their energy to prevent burnout. 

- They also often sign on with me again and again!

It's your job to support your students, it's my job to support YOU.


"I'm now thinking and dreaming BIG! "

I connected with Jess because I’m ready to shift and change my career. Jess is already in the wellness coaching field and I wanted to chat with someone likeminded and set goals around what’s next for me. 


After our session, I now have more excitement and drive and I know where to start! I have clear direction, dream clients in mind and a clear focus. I would describe it as an absolute power brainstorming session and I seriously appreciate how much we covered in the time frame!


I’m now thinking and dreaming BIG! 

-Elissa Wilkes

Are you ready to thrive, beautiful teacher?

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