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I see you.

You’re a big-hearted teacher who wants to make a difference in the world.


You feel like you're losing yourself to an endless cycle of planning, teaching, marking and back again. 


You feel confident in front of a class of kids but wish you felt just as confident in being who you truly are. 


You desire a more slow, soulful way of showing up. 

You've always felt a connection to spirituality and things that can't be explained.


You’re all about helping your students feel supported and loved but you have a hard time when it comes to loving yourself.


You’re tired of questioning and doubting yourself, and wondering what others are thinking of you. 


I see you.  

Welcome home to The Soulful Teacher Collective.


In this course, teachers just like you, have: 


+ Greatly increased their confidence 

+ Created more time to do the things that bring them joy, outside of teaching

+ Had colleagues comment on how much calmer they are

+ Gained tools to support them to manage their workload with more ease

+ Felt more calm and stable both at home and in the workplace

+ Become much more self-aware

+ Learnt how to bring themselves back to balance when they feel “off track”

+ Had family and friends comment on how much happier they are

"I loved EVERYTHING about The Soulful Teacher Collective!"


The biggest changes that I have noticed in myself is that my confidence has improved greatly.  I now have the tools to assist me with however I am feeling.  I am more content with how I am living my life personally and professionally.  I have more time to do the things I need to do but also time to do the things I want to do.  I have been able to deal with my own stresses and workload but have also been able to support others with theirs. I approach things in a different way now and I am more calm and stable both at home and work.


At the end of this term other teachers have said that they appreciate how approachable I am and that when others have come to talk to me, they feel supported and valued.  Their view of my role in admin isn't what they have felt with others before me and I really appreciate that! 

-Fiona (Deputy Principal)

The Soulful Teacher Collective runs twice a year and offers teachers 12 weeks of live support. 

You’ll receive:

+ 6x fortnightly group calls on soulful topics that will guide you to cultivate a more mindful and balanced life

+ A workbook jam packed with tips and tricks, lots of journal prompts and reflective questions


+ Access to an exclusive Facebook community where you can ask questions between calls and connect with other members


+ 3x bonus interviews with incredible guest speakers so that you can dive even deeper into what you’ll be learning. (These guests are nothing short of AMAZING! They are so knowledgeable and you'll have SO many take-aways.)


+ 3x guided meditations to support you to embody the practices you are learning about


+ 1x bonus audio track to show you how you can successfully manage your time and energy in a more cyclical way 

"I would DEFINITELY recommend this course to other teachers!" 

I didn’t want to continue feeling the way I was - tired from teaching and very easily stressed out. I wanted strategies to help with when feeling overwhelmed with teaching and a safe place to talk and to receive advice.


Now, I’m far more aware of myself. I can identify earlier when I’m “off track” and from that I know how to bring back calmness/balance to my mind/day. 


Knowing how to do this has helped me so much. Overall I feel much more confident which then helps me to handle the stress or overwhelming feelings of teaching and then I feel calm. My family say I seem much more confident and my friends say I look happier. I’ve even had some colleagues comment on my calmness at work this term which was so nice! 

-Sarah (Early Childhood Teacher)



Fontaine Hatzikalis

Life Coach + Podcast Host

Topic: Integrity and Self-Belief

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 3.19.37 pm.png

Kristen Harris of Happy Mindful Teacher

Teacher, Speaker and Blogger

Topic: Mindfulness and Self-care


Emily Greaves

Mindset + Behaviour Coach

Topic: Teaching and Parenting



Breath Awareness Meditation


Mindful Morning Meditation


Gratitude Meditation


“I now believe that I am worthy of happiness and everything coming my way!”


Before I signed up I was lost. I didn't know who I was or what I was supposed to do for myself. I didn't know how to support myself and depend on myself. I was constantly second guessing my life choices, and where I was "supposed to be".


I am confident, stronger, happier and calmer. I have figured out how to show up for myself in a way that is impacting my life positively. I now believe that I am worthy of happiness and everything coming my way. Bring it on!!


I constantly get compliments from work colleagues. I have been told that I am walking taller and with much more confidence. Friends have said that they love seeing me happy again and my family have seen a huge turn around in my mental state. So many people are proud of me and that's a wonderful feeling!

-Kelly (Secondary Home Ec, Hospitality and Health Teacher)


The Soulful Teacher Collective course is $927 AUD, or 3 payments of $309. 


TSTC is my one and only online programme and it only runs twice a year so that I can dedicate all my time + energy to you. 


 I promise to show up for you – completely, fiercely and with love.

Just like you do for your students. 

Soulful Questionnaire

The next round of TSTC begins on Monday 19th April. To join us, please fill out the form below and Jess will be in touch with you.
Are you a teacher, in some capacity?
Are you ready to say YES to yourself in Term 2 and make big, beautiful changes?

I'm so proud of you for showing up for yourself in this way, beautiful teacher!

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