Conscious Chats with Daniella Daniels


Dani a millennial blogger on a mission to spread authenticity, self-awareness, and self-love.She was born in Jamaica and lived there until she was five years old. She then moved to a predominantly white town with her white step-mother and her family. She admits to not growing up with people who looked like her. It was after college when she started learning who she was, and stopped listening to other people's definition of who they thought she was and started loving herself from the inside out. Her self-love journey has been self-taught. She started her blog as a way to heal herself but along the way, it has turned into her passion. Her mission is to spread truth, love, and light and inspire others to find their voice and their authentic self.  



What is your mission in the world?

My mission is to bring authenticity and realness to social media and to create a blogging community built on transparency. I believe "influencer" is a powerful word with a powerful job to do. I want to inspire people to live their best lives by learning to love themselves completely.  

My journey to self-love has been self-taught. I want to motivate people to be real with themselves and others, be intentional with their time and energy. To set boundaries, live freely and fearlessly. 

At Daniauthentic, you will feel uplifted, inspired and celebrated. You are worthy of living a big beautiful life. 

My mission is to share real, raw and relatable content.  


What makes you authentically you? 

Self-awareness is what makes me authentic. What you can't accept, owns you. I am not perfect, I'm not as productive as I could be and I'm always running late! I also love myself fully which includes all my faults, my pain, and all my " damaged" bits. Self-love is the connection between how you treat yourself and how you allow others to treat you. What makes me authentic is that I am honest with myself so in turn, I am honest with everyone. There is no one in my life that doesn't add to its quality. I say no, I don't agree to things I hate and most importantly I am able to be fully present to authentically give to others.  Through self-love, I found the freedom to be unapologetically me.  


When do you feel the most confident? 

I feel the most confident when I stand my ground and speak my truth. It's a powerful feeling to live the life you want and to be able to inspire, motivate and uplift others to do the same. 


How do you show yourself love and care? 

 I show myself love and care by putting myself first.  Self- love and Self- care go hand in hand. To love yourself is to take care of your body, mind, and soul. I am kind, encouraging and forgiving to myself. 

When you start pouring into yourself, self-care becomes a daily practice.

Self - care is now this super trendy word which is associated with splurging on new goodies or getting a mani-pedi before heading home for a Lush bath bomb. Self-care can look like many things, for me it's budgeting my money so you can cash in on that down payment one day, or save for a wedding; eating healthier and exercising not because I should but because I want to. 

I love myself by being my biggest fan and advocate. This means I challenge myself to be a better person, a better partner and a better friend. However, I also believe in wellness and being patient with my self-growth.  


And finally, what is one truth about yourself that nobody would believe?! 

I was born on February 29th.  When people hear this, it is met with a, "no way!". it's a pretty cool day that only comes around once every four years. Maybe this birthday is why I see the world as a place meant for people to live amazing, unusual, and rare lives. I think everyone is uniquely designed and perfectly placed to live an imperfect life. Let's take control and live our best lives. 


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