Conscious Chats with Keely Merrett


Introducing the gorgeous Keely Merrett!


Keely is a mindset and empowerment coach, writer and speaker. It is her mission to support women to find their truth, own their story and connect with their true selves so they can live a life they desire. She is obsessed with personal development and loves all things woo woo!


What is your mission in the world?

I am a mindset and empowerment coach who supports women to find their truth, own their story and connect with their true selves while clearing out what is holding them back. I absolutely love being privilege to my clients' journeys towards their greatest life. My mission is to guide and support women on their journey back to living as their authentic selves.


What makes you authentically you? 

 Authenticity for me is a practice of consciously showing up every day how we want to live. I love how Brene Brown defines authenticity! She says 'authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are'. When I am living authentically I am practicing my self care, making choices that are best for my higher self, and nourishing my body with good food. It also means I am allowing my soul to experience life and be around people that light it up. My planner is full of scheduled time for things that allow me to live authentically. I schedule things such as my self care time, my exercise, meditation and personal development.


When do you feel the most confident? 

 I feel the most confident when I am able to be my true authentic self. This is particularly when I'm surrounded by fellow light workers, life coaches, and anyone passionate about personal development or following their dreams of being a boss babe. These amazing people light me up and make me feel confident in my mission in the world.


How do you show yourself love and care? 

By listening to myself. This is something I have learned to treasure doing. When I tune in and listen to what my soul desires I feel calm and a strong sense of inner peace. In order to tune in I love going for walks each morning in nature (I live on a farm and love it!), I meditate, journal and do an angel card reading. When I make space for calm around me I can listen to what I really want. This is how I show myself love each day because it's my way of saying 'I am here, I'm listening, you deserve my attention, tell me what is best for you'.


And finally, what is one truth about yourself that nobody would believe?! 

Hehe I'm secretly a big fan of everything 'woo woo'. I come across as very practical and a realist so most people don't know I love angel numbers, meditation, crystals, following the moon phases, spirituality and believing in the power of the universe!


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