I'm officially a Life Coach!


Excited. Inspired. Expansive.

Those are the three words I would use to describe my state of being right now. One year ago, this month, I took the plunge and applied to study Life Coaching with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy (BYCA). After years of living with anxiety (go to my About page to read more), I had just discovered the world of personal development and the many holistic healing modalities that are available. My life had radically transformed in just a few months, and all I wanted to do was to share my new learnings and experiences with the world.


BYCA runs 3 courses a year, and I was scheduled to be a part of the May intake. After 6 long months of waiting, it was time to get started. What followed was absolutely magical. We were supported through 14 in depth modules, with topics ranging from embracing your ‘onlyness’, to the practical coaching model, to public speaking and its benefits. There were engaging lectures, interviews with amazing men and women and daily opportunities to learn from our trainers. From strangers grew a community of like-minded ladies, who although separated by time zones, oceans and vast space- have come to consider each other as much more than that.


The next few months will see me grow my little blossoming business behind the scenes, until she’s ready to be birthed to the world. And then, who knows what adventures we’ll go on together! So stay tuned, this is only the beginning!  


With gratitude and love,




P.s. If this post resonates with you and you are ready to work with a Life Coach, I can support you with that. Send me an email at info@jessicademunck.com and we can chat about setting up a Curiosity Call. 

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