Loving the authentic you!


A couple of weeks ago I attended an intimate workshop with a friend. The workshop revolved around the topics of self-love, wellness and connecting to your spirituality. There we were, sipping on herbal tea, pulling oracle cards and discussing our dreams for the future. Mid way through, the gorgeous Alex who was running the event, asked all of us a very powerful question. The question was ‘What do you most love about yourself?’


She was faced with absolute silence. Crickets. This seemed to be a very difficult question for the (brilliant, divine, talented) women in the room to answer. Eventually we all offered something about ourselves that we took pride in, from our compassion for others to our love of fitness and dance, and our overflowing empathy. Once we had said our piece, and embraced our authenticity, the energy in the room totally changed. I could feel the girls around me soften into themselves, and any nerves and worries had melted away. All because they showed themselves a bit o’ love.


Later that night, I was thinking about the obvious and profound affect that Alex’s question had had on everyone and I decided that I would put this same question to my students at school the next day. In my experience, children are much more open, forthcoming and celebratory than most adults and so I was excited to hear what they most loved about themselves. Before I started taking the roll the next morning, I explained to them that instead of simply answering ‘Here!’ when they heard their name, I wanted them to tell me one thing they loved about themselves instead.


Yet again, those pesky crickets had returned. Eventually, they started telling me things that they loved to do, such as BMX, or dancing or reading. I let them go with their answers, even though they weren’t specifically things that they loved about themselves on a more intimate and inward level. Initially, their lack of loving responses saddened me. I want my students to know and own how incredibly radiant and brilliant they are! I want them to grow up with a sense of confidence and self-love that propels them forward and acts as a solid grounding for them as they journey through life. But after some more thinking, I realised that for both the women in the workshop and the students in my class, this practice of self-love and self-gratitude wasn’t familiar to them. It wasn’t something they did weekly, monthly or even yearly and so of course their first responses weren’t ones of unabashed knowingness. Our self-love muscle is one that we need to work on and strengthen over time, and on a day to day basis.


So, my resolve is this. After much inner work and training in the self-love gym, I know that I can help others to love themselves too. I’ll continue to ask my students what they love about themselves. I’ll celebrate their strengths and model what it looks like to love who you are, not just what you accomplish or what grades you get. I’ll show up for my family, my fiancée, my friends and my colleagues as my authentic self and encourage them to do the same. I’ll love and celebrate myself daily because I know that I’m worth it.


And lastly, I’ll invite YOU to love the crap outta yourself too. Because life gets a whole lot better when your relationship with YOU is thriving.


With gratitude and love,




P.s.If you'd like to work with me to learn to love the authentic you, simply click this link to book a Complimentary Clarity Call. I'd love to chat about how I can help you to embrace your most authentic self! 


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