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Hello, beautiful (and slightly stressed) teacher!

It's the lead up to the new school year and you're feeling all the feels. 

You're doing a great job of pretending not to realise that the school holidays will soon be coming to an end and are doing your best to keep the chill vibes going a little longer.

But if you're really honest with yourself, you're worried.

You know that there's A LOT to be done but you can't quite get clear on the specifics. 

You've seen other teachers online starting to prep + you can feel comparison starting to set in. 

You cherish your school holidays and you aren't willing to work them away.

In an ideal world, you'd be nailing the balance between being prepared + maintaining your peace. 

You just need a little help to get there.


I'm Jess!
Wellness Coach and Primary Teacher.

After 8 years of classroom teaching, I know what it's like to already feel behind before Term 1 even begins.

I certainly rode the rollercoaster of comparison + lack of clarity as a graduate.

But after years of experience, a knack for organisation + becoming the Queen of Calm- I'm here to help you get organised for the year ahead without having to compromise your rest.

Keen to be Day 1 ready and armed with a positive mindset to boot?

School Prep Club is for you.

Together we'll:

  • Ditch the comparison + get clear on what 'Day 1 ready' looks like for you, in the context of your school

  • Create a timeline to give you clarity on what needs to be done and when (Chill time included!)

  • Organise the breakdown of your planning requirements and explore resources that can support you

  • Map out your classroom layout to make the process of actually setting up much more fluent

  • Establish your classroom routines ahead of time

  • Dive into how to build positive relationships with parents from Day 1

  • Practise some teacher calming strategies to soothe those new year jitters


"Before working with Jess, things were pretty chaotic. I was struggling to be efficient at work and maintaining admin work. I didn’t believe I was able to stand up for myself and speak up. 

Jess helped me to look at things with a different lens and to have courage in myself to use strategies and take steps to be a braver, more confident and productive version of myself."


As a result of School Prep Club, you'll:

  • Set yourself up for success as you enter the 2022 school year

  • Ditch the comparison and learn to trust your intuition

  • Learn organisation + time management techniques that you can use every year 

  • Gain healthy mindset habits to take with you as you navigate each term

  • Be kept accountable by both myself + the teachers alongside you

  • Leave feeling prepared, inspired, organised and Day 1 READY

What's included:

School Prep Club is a two week container that runs between Monday 17th- Friday 28th January, 2022.

It is held in a pop up Facebook Group that can only be accessed by club members.

On each of the 10 days, tune into a daily live stream overflowing with tips + information on setting yourself up for success.

Gain access to downloadable worksheets, checklists and journal prompts to guide you.

Connect with + gain a whole new posse of teacher besties who are on the journey alongside you.

5 lucky teachers will also receive unlimited 1:1 support via Instant messaging app, Voxer.

This is for you if:

  • You want to nail the balance between being prepared and maintaining your peace, these school holidays

  • You're a new teacher or graduate who wants insider tips and support from a teacher with experience

  • You struggle with time management and organisation at this point each year

  • You want to be held accountable and have someone outside of school that you can ask Q's of

This is not for you if you're an experienced teacher with a tried and tested method of getting organised for the school year. (We bow down to you, oh wise one!)


“I have a clear direction I am going in and strategies that I can implement to help me get there.”


Ready to feel Day 1 ready without compromising your rest?

Be one of the first FIVE teachers to join + receive UNLIMITED 1:1 coaching + support via instant messaging app, Voxer!

Join us inside School Prep Club for one easy payment of $147 AUD.

Who Are We
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