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Wipe the slate clean with a mid-year teacher reset- Your 'how to' guide

It's my birthday!

I always love celebrating another lap around the sun, especially as I share this special day with my mum, my husband and even a cousin too!

It's such an exciting time but I also know that it can be a rough time of year for many of us as teachers.

Those of us in Australia and New Zealand are in the middle of report season whilst still trying to teach our students as best we can and those in countries like America and England are winding down the school year and dealing with the behaviours that go with it!

Cue exhaustion, burnout and being #teachertired like never before!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all had a magical fairy godmother that could flick her wand and make all tired teachers feel new again?

I'm thinking Mrs Doubtfire vibes but with some added supernatural powers.

A girl can dream, right?!

It can be tricky (sans magic wand) to feel inspired and energised again during this mid year slump but this is where an intentional teacher reset can absolutely change the game!

So often as teachers, we just keep soldiering on because, well... to-do list.

But how about we switch things up a little this year, huh?

Let me guide you through my tried and tested mid-year reset ritual and let's wipe the slate clean, ready to start fresh!

(A little caveat here: I often do this ritual on this day every year as it aligns with my birthday, however, you can do it anytime during the month of June as a mid-year treat or even whenever you're feeling like you need a little pick me up.)

How to do a mid-year teacher reset:

1. Set up your space

You want this time to be really rejuvenating and magical. It needs to feel special so that you truly feel a shift in your energy, rather than it just being a task that you're completing on your to-do list. So, get intentional here.

Consider the time of the day- who will be around? Will you be interrupted? Will you have long enough to relax or is this just jammed in between appointments?

Think about the setting- where do you feel most comfortable? Where can you just be yourself? You want somewhere that you can feel at ease closing your eyes, dancing or even shedding a tear if you feel to.

Make it magical- set out candles, your favourite scents, comfy pillows and dim the lights. Brew a cup of your fave herbal tea and settle in.

2. Start with celebration

No doubt that whether you're a first year graduate, a seasoned educator who's been in the game for eons or just an Overwhelmed Ollie trying to make it through each day during a worldwide pandemic- there's a few things that might be causing you some stress, right now. But likewise, the past 6 months of your life will have bought you so much joy too.

Begin your reset ritual by reflecting on your wins and accomplishments from the first half of the year. Write them down in your journal or talk them out via the notes app on your phone. Sit in celebration of yourself for what you've experienced and achieved. This practice always blows my mind and brings such a sense of perspective as we so quickly forget things like this and move onto the 'next'. Breathe deep and extend some gratitude for the magic that life has offered you this calendar year knowing that there's even more to come!

3. "You're not invited"

As you're reflecting on your year to date, you will begin to identify some thoughts, feelings and patterns that you are not keen to bring with you as you enter the second half of the year. It's time to get super clear on what you are ready to let go of moving forward and what truly isn't serving you anymore. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Brain dump- write down a list of all the things you are ready to let go of. This could include; unhealthy teacher habits, unhelpful thoughts or even long term beliefs that you're ready to shift out of. Once you're done rip it up, shred it or burn it under the next full moon.

Declare it done- call up your teacher bestie or leave them a voice note, explaining your intention and invite them along with you. Make a declaration that you're starting fresh and allow it to be a powerful statement that they can support you with.

4. Call in the new

Now for the fun part. Get super comfy, close down your eyes and imagine the possibilities that could be laying ahead for you over the next 6 months. Visualise yourself showing up as the most authentic and inspired version of you, both in your teaching role and as a person. Set new intentions and then be sure to consider how you will get there. Some great questions to ask yourself here are: Do I need support to make this happen? (Find out more about my teacher wellness coaching offers here) How could I up my self-care game during this time to best support myself? What do I need to believe about myself to make this a reality?

Really feel into the magic that you're going to create over the next 6 months and don't forget to revisit this practice weekly or even daily to stay inspired!

5. Step forward feeling fresh

Now that you're feeling lit up by what's ahead for you, close the space in an intentional and fun way. You might like to put on your fave tune and dance it out, sit in gratitude for this special time or continue the nourishment with a candlelit bath/shower.

Move forward feeling refreshed and renewed, with a giddy sense of excitement about the magic that's about to unfold.

If the idea of a mid-year reset excites you, I'm going to be running a guided session inside The Mindful Teacher Membership next Tuesday 15th June, 2021. Join us (and score a whole host of bonus goodies!) by following this link.

Let's make the last 6 months of the year the best yet!

Are you with me, beautiful teacher?

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