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Conscious Chats with Matilda Seis

Matilda Seis is a lifestyle coach. She is passionate about helping women in their late twenties - early thirties who need help sorting their life out. She helps them declutter their lifestyle to make room for greatness, whether it is reaching a higher level of energy, becoming more efficient at work, having a better control of their finances or simply feeling more settled and at peace.

What is your mission in the world?

My mission in this world is to help women live their best life. I want to inspire women to make the most of EVERY SINGLE MINUTE they have on earth. I want to show women that from a place of simplicity we can do so much and so well!

What makes you authentically you?

I am Gemini, and to be honest yes, I am stubborn! I also love learning new things, I love understanding how things work. I go crazy if someone says to me "that is the way it is, I have always done it this way".

When do you feel the most confident?

I am a leader, and when the unexpected arises and someone needs to take control, I feel confident because I know the group relies on me.

How do you show yourself love and care?

I am a minimalist, I buy very limited services or products however, when I do, and get myself the best quality available. When I do so, I always tell myself I DESERVE IT so that I feel special and pampered by...myself.

And finally, what is one truth about yourself that nobody would believe?!

I am an introvert but most of the time I am in control of the situation or managing people, so I tend to look really confident. However, when it is a group situation where I am not in control, I get EXTREMELY shy and uncomfortable, and barely talk.

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