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Conscious chats with Keesha Booth

Introducing the incredible Keesha Booth!

Keesha is a multi-passionate coach working with women to reignite their WOMANHOOD through deep self-awareness practice. She recognizes the self in you that was pushed to the side when you wanted to fit in/conform and be the ‘good girl’. The self that was shelved because you didn’t think the world would accept it. She coaches women to stop selling themselves short, realign with their values and with their daily practice of decision making by putting themselves first.

What is your mission in the world?

That WOMAN in the midst of chaos can stand in the storm and still feel freedom within her soul. She can centre and trust herself in uncertainty, own her voice in self-doubt and love herself wholeheartedly in sadness. Confident women in shit times of our life are not to be fucked with. I unleash women from their labels and make them realise they are much bigger than just being a noun, they are a mother fucking verb and adjective. They are boundless, freedom warriors, sex liberators and aren't afraid to cry in order to grow. I allow women to reconnect with their true feminine spirit, the one that got suppressed by patriachy, political policy and capitalism. I reignite the feminine fire and provide tools for women that can assist with sustainability of this power in the long-term.

What makes you authentically you?

When I show my vulnerability to the world and expose my true self and feelings. When I carry my voice with pride and stopped chasing happiness. Authenticity is taking ownership of my flaws and loving myself at my worst.

When do you feel the most confident?

When I make choices inline with my core values.

How do you show yourself love and care?

Every night I have a beauty self-care routine, Every morning (but not of late) I exercise before my children wake up. My personal development and strengthening my self-awareness practice is at the core of my values- if I nourish this daily by either listening to a podcast, reading a book or meeting someone new and learning about their stories. I see this as self love and care. Furthermore, having difficult conversations in order to grow my relationships is self love at its finest.

And finally, what is one truth about yourself that nobody would believe!

Do not believe my social media feed. It is merely a one-second shot not taking into account the other 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds of the day.

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