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What it's REALLY like to work with a Life Coach

So, you’re considering working with a Life Coach but you’re not really sure what to expect. You feel drawn to seek support from somebody in this industry but if you’re being honest, you have no idea what a coach actually is, let alone what you would do when you’re working with one. Before I let you in on a behind the scenes look at what it all involves, let me first explain the basics of coaching.

Life Coaching is….

a modality that incorporates many techniques from disciplines such as psychology, sociology, social work, personal development and career development to support people to create change in their lives. Its main aim is to move people from where they are to where they want to be.

Effective coaches assist people to uncover what is truly important to them, and guide them to set goals and create a plan that sees them actively move towards the change they desire.

Life Coaching isn’t…

the same as counselling. Counselling often involves looking back over someone’s life history to discover why they are in their present situation. Life Coaching only looks from someone’s present to their future.

Coaching also isn’t the same as consulting. The role of a consultant is to give expert advice, often telling people what to do and when to do something. A coach believes that people innately know within themselves the answers they need, and asks powerful questions to allow someone to explore themselves on a deeper level.

[Information adapted from Beautiful You Coaching Academy Participant Manual, pages 6 and 7]

People often decide to work with a coach because they know where they want to get to, but they are unsure of how to get there. This may be in terms of their relationships, their self-esteem, their career and much more. Whilst coaching very much involves setting goals and actively working towards them, there’s so much more that one experiences when they make the decision to hire a personal coach. Having worked with multiple coaches myself, as well as being in the role of coach and working with my own clients, I’m here to let you in on what it’s really like to work with a coach. And let me tell you, it’s pretty damn juicy!

1. You get crystal clear on your desires and goals

There’s no wishy washy-ness here. Most coaches will ask you to fill in a pre-coaching questionnaire before you begin your series together. This is so that they can uncover what you truly desire and want for your life. You and your coach may then set between 1-3 goals together, based on your desires. Knowing exactly what you want and the feeling you want to obtain when you reach your goals is seriously empowering and it makes it easier for you to then decide on your next steps.

2. Your productivity sky rockets

As a very efficient person, who identifies as having a Type A personality, I thought that I was already pretty dang good at ‘getting things done’ and reaching my goals but HOLY COW! Working with a coach amplifies this by 10 thousand (exact stats… obviously) and you achieve things so much quicker than you ever could have on your own. This doesn’t mean to say that you then become time poor and overwhelmed- a good coach will understand the feeling you want to experience once you achieve your goals and will always bring you back to this, as opposed to consistently focusing on getting you into action.

3. You uncover new and exciting things about yourself

The main strength and superpower of a coach is their epic questioning skills. Get prepared to be asked deep and thought provoking questions that will have you reflecting on and questioning things about yourself that you never thought you would. This is all done in a supportive and gentle way, and leads to some pretty powerful ‘aha’ moments! The inspired actions that you take during your series will have you realizing that you can achieve more for yourself than you may have attempted in the past, all whilst being held accountable along the way.

4. You feel challenged yet supported

A good coach knows the sweet spot, where a goal is challenging yet achievable. As a client, you’ll be gently stretched to set goals that are bigger and more challenging than ones you might set out to achieve on your own. However, these goals will always be achievable for you, when combined with the accountability and support you’ll receive from your coach as they cheer you on throughout the whole series. Looking at your goals will feel exciting and inspiring, yet totally realistic that you’ll be able to smash them within the timeframe of your series.

5. You form a deep connection and make a lifelong friend

This is probably the best yet most unexpected part of working with a Life Coach. Sitting down every fortnight to talk to someone about your deepest dreams and desires, creates a trust and bond like no other. Your coach is someone who will give you their undivided attention, actively listen to you, and act as your personal cheerleader for anywhere from 3, to 6 to 12 months! It’s only natural that you will form a relationship that expands way beyond the confines on your series. I consider each of my past and present coaches my friends, and the same goes for each of my past and present clients. It’s very common for many coaches and clients to remain in touch after their series, and form friendships that uplift and support both parties.

If you’re feeling like 2018 is your year to step out and shine as the real you, I’d LOVE to support you. As a coach, I support young women to understand the story of their lives, embrace their innate authenticity and take back authorship. Simply click this link to book a Complimentary Clarity Call and we can get started!

Or maybe you’ve felt the pull to help others? Do you have the inkling that you are here to serve on a larger scale? Maybe you know that you are meant to share your experiences, learnings and wisdom? I studied Life Coaching at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and could not recommend it more highly. If you’re thinking about becoming a coach yourself and have any questions, either follow this link or send me an email at info@jessicademunck.comand we can talk further about the course that changed my life.

With love and gratitude,



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