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Conscious Chats with Kris Deminick

One of my absolute favourite things to do is to deep dive into soulful chats with friends, family and even people I've just met. I love hearing their stories, how they've overcome obstacles and their opinions on life, love and purpose. Everyone has a lesson they can share, and wisdom that they've gathered. I decided to create a space where these epic chats could be shared and hopefully you'll be inspired by them as much as I am! (Check out the Conscious Chats link for the video series.)

Introducing the incredible Kris Deminick!

Kris is a self-confessed firecracker with a big heart! She loves the outdoors, hosting dinner parties, her mini-dachshund Moose, solo car-karaoke sessions, and coffee, red wine, dark chocolate - in that order. Kris is a Personal Trainer and Self Belief Coach who works with people to reprioritize themselves, let go of attachments and expectations to return to joy, become friends with their inner rebel, and dare to push the limits!

What is your mission in the world?

My mission is to see women not only embrace their personalities and who they are, but shout it from the rooftops – all their quirks, contradictions, and perceived “flaws” included! I’d like to contribute to a cultural shift from Expectations to Self-Expression, by redefining self-help as sexy and something that everyone wants. I personally spent far too long doing things I didn’t love because I thought I “should” do them, and was too busy to even realise that I was losing some of my unique electric spark in the process. Even though I came across as confident, I had a loud and bitchy inner critic, and I find many of my clients are the same. So through my business This Electrified Life, I provide Self Belief coaching for women approaching and living through their 30s, to reconnect with who they really are; free of people pleasing, expectations, comparisonitis, or fear of failure. In the process, they come to not only meet themselves but, sometimes for the first time ever, really love being themselves. At this milestone phase of a woman’s life, friendship with ourselves is so, so important. I want my work to “change the way it feels to be in your own head” as Russell Brand says. No more second guessing and self-doubt, but rather being self-aware, curious, and confident enough to truly have your own back. I’ve also found through my own inner work, that despite self-development becoming more “mainstream” there is still a stigma of either “weakness” or “woo-woo” attached, so I’m calling BS on that! When did it become weak to want to seek our own strength?!

What makes you authentically you?

I am a contradiction and I thrive on change. I am highly organised, yet To Do lists and routine suffocate me. A friend once described me as a “change artist” and I kind of like that term. Even though change terrifies me in the moment, I seem to be constantly attracting change and making it work for me. Travel definitely contributed to this as I backpacked the world for 18 months in my early twenties, and came to place a lot of value on experience and adventure. Since then I’ve left a corporate career (and pay check!), studied and embarked on two different crafts (fitness instruction and coaching), lived overseas, and most recently purchased my first home hours away from my familiar and comforting surroundings. For me, authenticity also involves loving the contradictions and quirks of our personality rather than wishing them away for want of seeming to “have it all together”. For example, I am social yet extremely protective of my solitude. I listen to 80s classics one hour and hard rock the next. I don’t like wearing florals but I love having flowers in the house. I am a fitness instructor but my hand-eye coordination leaves a lot of room for improvement! I am an extrovert but find big social events overwhelming. I love green juice and kombucha as much as I love an espresso martini. I find spiritual nourishment in silent meditation just as much as through loud car karaoke!

When do you feel the most confident?

When I am in flow. And to be in flow I really have to surrender control. As a recovering perfectionist, always praised for academic achievement, and a “do-all-the-things” type, I have to prioritise sacrificing the checklist for my self-care. If I am operating from a place of getting through the To Do’s, pleasing others, and wanting to help everyone else, then my confidence plunges. I second guess everything and it all takes twice as long. So, I view self-care as vital to my confidence. It allows my continued self-development, study, business success, creativity, forward progress. If I am not looking after myself that is when my inner critic takes over and stops me in my tracks. No amount of resources or help can get through unless I am listening to, and working with my bodies’ energy, rhythm, and needs. For a quick confidence boost though, I will do 10 rounds of controlled breathing, repeat my mantra “I embody and rejoice in who I am”, and throw on a killer tune – music is magic to me.

How do you show yourself love and care?

I try to meditate every day (if not then every second day) just for 15-25 minutes, and I do an at-home yoga practice every second day where I focus mostly on the connection between my breath and movement rather than the poses. If I feel “flat” I get out into nature as it is my greatest soothe and teacher. If I feel “manic” or “flustered” I go to the gym and lift weights to release that energy. I sing in the car almost every opportunity that I have, and have been known to take dance breaks in the kitchen with my dog, my husband, myself, whoever will have me! Music is incredibly important to me. Other things I do to show myself love are to take a bath, go out for coffee, cook, adorn myself in jewellery, and sunbath in my yard listening to a podcast. All these things are quite solitary but I do also value quality time with my husband (usually working on our house or going for a ride on his motorbike), hosting dinner parties with a close group of friends, or going for a long lazy brunch with a girlfriend.

And finally, what is one truth about yourself that nobody would believe!

I was not sporty as a child AT ALL. I would even fake sickness to get out of school sport. And now I’m a fitness instructor, go figure! Proof that anything can happen ;)

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