• Jessica Demunck

Sharing the hard stuff- why it's so important.

As humans, we are hardwired for connection. For our ancestors, it was a matter of survival. People who lived in tribes and communities were better able to protect themselves than lone wolf types. It was all about safety in numbers. These days, we are perfectly equipped to survive alone, yet we still crave that same unity and connection. We want to know that we aren’t alone in what we are experiencing.

For many years, I struggled with quite intense anxiety and panic attacks. It could have been a lonely time for me, but instead I knew I needed to reach out and seek support both from family, friends and professionals. Whenever I shared what I was feeling, I experienced a little bit of relief and lightness. I also felt more connected to those I was sharing with.

Since then, I have managed to move through those intense feelings and have cultivated a more calm and peaceful life for myself but I’ve never stopped openly sharing my experiences. Each time I post something on social media, have a conversation with a friend or tell a story that a client can relate to, I am overwhelmed with the response and beautiful connection that occurs. People will reach out and tell me about their similar experiences and how much it has helped them to hear mine. They feel relieved that they aren’t the only one in that situation. They will find a lesson in my experience that supports them on their own journey. Any unease or nerves I may feel before sharing is absolute worth it to know that simply sharing my story has positively impacted another in some way.

Personally, I find so much value in hearing the stories of others.

I’m a regular podcast listener and my favourite part of any podcast is always the beginning where the host will ask their guest to share their story of how they came to be where they are today. I find that I get so much value out of hearing the plights, hardships, successes and journeys of others, and gaining lessons that I can implement into my life immediately.

With that said, I think it’s important to know when to share our stories. Individually, if I’m experiencing any difficult emotions or am dealing with a tough situation, I won’t share it publicly until I have come out the other side of feeling it fully and then integrating the lessons. Only once I’ve moved through what I’ve needed to move through and I’ve experienced the growth on the other side, will I then share the lessons and learnings. This helps me to protect my energy and emotional state, as well as be of greater service to others because they can then see the whole picture and integrate those lessons too.

Sharing the hard stuff is important, not only for ourselves as a way of letting go but for others as they search for unity and connection on their journeys. So, next time you’ve braved your way through a struggle, I invite you to share that in any way you feel to. Even if you don’t see the outcome, someone somewhere will be thanking their lucky stars that you did.

If you’re feeling like 2018 is your year to step out as the real you and shine, I’d LOVE to support you. Head on over to this page to see how we can work together or send me an email at info@jessicademunck.com for more info.

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