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The #1 tool to adopt for more self-love!

Often towards the start of a series, I will ask my clients to share with me what their values are. More often than not, they will deliver me beautiful responses with words such as presence, love, nature, health and so on. And more often that not, when we take a look at what their days, weeks and months look like on a practical level- their values are hardly, if at all, represented. They are spending time fulfilling obligations to others, doing things they think they ‘should’ be doing, and forgetting to leave time for themselves.

When our lives are dominated by this cycle of obligation and ‘shoulds’ we become overwhelmed, which often leads to resentment and ultimately, we start to dislike the person we have become. If all of this is seeming waaaay too real for you, don’t fret! I have just the tool for you to bring you back to a place of self-love and inner joy. Are you ready? Get your notepad out, you’re going to want to write this down. It all begins with PRIORITISING YOU.

If you feel as if you have no time for yourself, you don’t know how to say no to people when they ask something of you and you constantly compare yourself to people you think are more worthy, you’re currently prioritising other people. Sometimes this isn’t a conscious decision, and we’re not aware that we are giving our energy away, but once you know something you can’t unknow it. So now you know sister!

The fastest way to cultivate more love for yourself is to prioritise yourself.

This might look like leaving more space each morning before you head to work for some ‘me-time’. It might look like saying no to that coffee date with your friend because you’re feeling a bit run down. It might look like scheduling in some self-care time in your weekly planner so it doesn’t fall by the wayside. Whatever it looks like for you, make prioritising yourself a priority. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

If you’re feeling like 2018 is your year to step out as the real you and shine, I’d LOVE to support you. Head on over to this page to see how we can work together or send me an email at info@jessicademunck.com for more info.

With gratitude and love,



P.s. If you'd like to prioritise yourself and like some support to shine bright this year, I'd love to support you! Simply click this link to book a Complimentary Clarity Call. I'd love to chat!


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