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My guiding word for 2018 and how it has already created magic!

First of all, I’m feeling super excited to be sending you my first blog post for 2018. I can already feel that it’s going to be an epic year, and I can’t wait to witness the magic that is created. In my last post, I explained the reflection process that I use to savour all the goodness and lessons of the previous year and I let you know how I set my intentions for the coming year. At that point, I was playing with the word ‘expansive’ as the feeling that I wanted to guide me into the following year, and I’m happy to announce that it has stuck.

A guiding word is simply a feeling that you want to embrace more of. If in 2017 you felt very rushed and overwhelmed by tasks, you might choose to embrace more calm. If you did a lot of people-pleasing and fell into the comparison trap a little too often, you may choose to embrace more authenticity. This doesn’t mean that you expect your entire year to feel this way- we are all human and there’s no off-switch when it comes to experiencing emotion. It simply means that you are calling in more of this feeling and that you will use it as a guide to inform your decision making.

“It all sounds pretty lovely Jess, but what does it look like in practise?” I hear you ask. Your word serves as the basis of a question that you will continue to ask yourself all year. Before you make any decision, consider your guiding word. “Will this make me feel [insert word here]?” If yes, go for it! If not, drop it. It sounds pretty cut throat to begin with but living in this way helps us to be more aligned with our purpose and how we want to feel. In essence, it helps us to live a more fulfilled life as opposed to making things up as we go.

I asked my Authenticity Arena Angels (join us in the FB group to be part of all the fun) to share what their guiding words for 2018 were and some of the examples were ‘focused’, ‘patient’, ‘proud’ and ‘connected’. Amazing, right?! If you haven’t settled on a word that suits you yet, I encourage you to take your time. There’s no rush, and it’s never too late. And if the thought of one word has you experiencing heart palpitations, make it 3! Heck, make it 10! There are no rules here. It’s your life. I also have a few other words that I’ve chosen to support me this year, ones that feel nourishing and encouraging.

The word ‘expansive’ and I have already been on quite a journey together! In the first week of this year, my partner declared that he’d like us to do a bit of a health challenge. Immediately, my junk-food-addicted mind went into a panic. ‘That’s so cliché- I can’t possibly jump on that train’, ‘I’ll just eat healthy at dinner and then I’ll eat whatever for the rest of the day’, and my personal favourite ‘This isn’t the right time- we’ll do it later in the year.’ (Ha!) However, I remembered my guiding word and asked myself ‘Will eating healthier and drinking more water make me feel more expansive?’ The answer was a resounding yes and only one week in, I feel absolutely incredible!

The other night I was feeling tired and ready for bed quite early, and I knew that would mean I would be up earlier too. Instead of just staying up a bit later so I could ‘sleep in’, I asked myself ‘What would make me feel most expansive?’ The answer was to go to bed, wake up early and head to the beach for a walk in the morning. Ahh, yes please!

I have so many more examples of how this question has been opening me up to a whole lot of magic, but I will share one more with you. For the past few months I have been working on my website and the launch of my coaching business. My initial plan was to launch it on 2nd January, however, it was pushed back because there was “more to do”. By the 8th of January, I was technically ready, but that morning I found myself playing around with one of the pages and moving images back and forth to get it ‘right’. I could feel the fear creeping in so I sat back and lovingly asked myself ‘What would make you feel most expansive and open right now?’ The answer was to let go of the need to make everything ‘perfect’ and share my baby with the world! And let me tell you, it felt so bloody freeing and, you guessed it- EXPANSIVE!

What's your guiding word for 2018?

Here are some examples:

*Confident *Free *Epic *Heart-centered *Accomplished *Courageous *Brave *Loving *Supportive *Kind *Incredible *Generous *Authentic *Aligned *Purposeful *Playful -Of course, there are thousands more!

If you’re feeling like 2018 is your year to step out as the real you and shine, I’d LOVE to support you. Head on over to this page to see how we can work together or send me an email at for more info.

With gratitude and love,



P.s.If you're feeling like 2018 is your year to shine as the most authentic version of you, I'd love to support you! Simply click this link to book a Complimentary Clarity Call. It's that simple!

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