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Meditation- why I'm hooked.

We often hear about the benefits of meditation, of quietening the mind and focusing on the breath. However, if it’s something that you’ve never done before it can seem very ‘woo woo’, and it can be tricky to know where and how to begin. I’ve always been very open to modalities like yoga and meditation and had dabbled in them here and there, until mid-last year when I adopted the practise of meditating daily- and it radically changed my life!

Let me take you back to that time- I was struggling with acute bouts of anxiety, constantly rehashing the past in my mind or becoming apprehensive about the future. I was desperately leaning on my family and partner for support, and was worried that I was heading back down a familiar path of psychologists and medication. It had been suggested to me that I should meditate when I felt anxious feelings coming on. So I tried it. Public Service Announcement- If you have anxiety and you can feel an attack coming on, please don’t sit in the energy of it and attempt to clear your mind. It’s not a fun time. Moving your body and shifting the energy is a much more supportive strategy. Well, for me anyway. So, as you can imagine, I dismissed it.

That was until one day, a few months later, I was at home on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, feeling calm and content. I’m not sure why- but I thought about giving meditation another go. So I reached for my phone, pressed play on a guided medi, and closed

my eyes. What I experienced was absolute bliss. The day that unfolded after that was absolutely magical. I’d figured out the perfect combination. Meditation as a preventative, not a reactionary measure was the way to go.

Ever since that day, I have practised meditation each morning. Sometimes it’s paired with yoga, sometimes it’s paired with journaling and other times it’s accompanied by a good ol’ dance sesh. But no matter what, it’s part of my mourning routine and I’m honestly a better person for it. The practise of showing up for myself, sitting in stillness and being with my breath is one of the best feelings I know and I wish for everyone else to experience it too. Sometimes if I have a really busy and full day, although it seems counter-intuitive, I will also meditate in the afternoon too.

There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. Some people simply enjoy sitting in stillness, with no music or track playing and observing their thoughts. Others like to focus in on their breathe, mindfully becoming aware of elongating each inhale and exhale. My favourite form is listening to a guided mediation. Some of my faves include ones I have purchased from the websites of Melissa Ambrosini, Amelia Harvey and Connie Chapman. I also can’t get enough of the meditations on Insight Timer, which is a free app housing thousands of meditations, talks and relaxing music. I highly recommend checking it out!

If you do choose to establish your own practise after reading this blog, please remember that thoughts are part of meditation. There’s no need to beat yourself up if you need to keep bringing your attention back every few seconds because your mind has wondered. Each practise will be different and that’s totally fine. Simply commit to showing up for yourself and see where it takes you.

With gratitude and love,



P.s. If this post resonates with you please share it with other beauties in your life who might benefit also. You can also send me an email at and we can chat!

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