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The Curious Case of the Disappearing Followers

If you’re around these parts often you would know that I bang on about authenticity a lot. I encourage others to embrace themselves as they are, and invite them to stand in their brilliance. So, in order to practise what I preach, I took to Instagram a few days ago to share some of things I had been learning and experiencing around The Law of Attraction and Vibration.

I am sometimes weary about putting my fascination with this topic out there. I understand that to some it can seem quite ‘woo-woo’ and as a recovering people pleaser, the comfortability of just keeping quite so as not to trigger others is very inviting. But, I was super excited about manifesting an absolutely epic day and I wanted to share that with the world so off I went. I recorded multiple videos and pressed that all intimidating ‘share’ button.

What happened next has NOT happened to me on such a scale before. As I hold a business Instagram account, I have the ability to not only see who is viewing my stories, but also to see how many people swipe away. In response to this particularly vulnerable and authentic story, I had more people than ever respond personally to me via private message, but I also had more people than ever swipe away.

At first, I wasn’t sure how to feel about this. Old school Jess, circa 2013, would’ve taken the swipes deeply personally. She would’ve felt rejected, uncared for and would’ve regretted speaking up. She also would’ve dismissed the love that was coming in and focused solely on the (perceived) negatives. These days things look at little differently.

The fact that people felt as if they didn’t resonate with my message is actually a total positive! I spoke authentically and shared fearlessly. The people who watched or chose to respond to me personally are those that I want as part of my tribe. Those are the people that I connect with and having people who support me is amazing. Those that chose to swipe away are in need of a different tribe and a different message. If I lose ‘followers’ or friends because of what I’m saying or choosing to focus on, that allows more space for those that choose to lean in and hear more.

So, beautiful, if you’re worried about speaking up and sharing your important message, take it as a total win if people look away. It just means that you’re finding your authentic voice and your authentic voice will be magnetic for those special people who need to hear it.

The world needs you exactly as you are. Don’t be afraid to own it.

With gratitude and love,



P.s. Tag, you’re it! I’ve shared, now it’s your turn. Email me at info@jessicademunck.com if this post resonated with you and you want to connect.


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