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Mid-week manifesto: My declaration to you!

Last week I wrote a blog post and shared it with my Curious Community. Here’s a small snippet:

‘I’ve been saying yes to things, that have meant saying no to myself. I’ve been sinking back into old habits of attempting to ‘mind-read’ and guess the responses that people expect from me. In essence, I’ve been devaluing myself in order to be a cheerleader for others.’

Pretty dreary right…?

For the past 3 weeks I feel as if I’ve been living a life of expectations. I’ve expected others to show up for me, even when I haven’t been showing up for myself. I’ve been expecting money to flow in, when I haven’t been appreciating or recognising my current abundance. I’ve been blaming external circumstances for my energy and mindset, when I know it is solely my responsibility. It’s time to flip this sh*t around!

Today, after many reminders and hints from others, I feel as if I’ve received a big cosmic slap in the face to wake the f**k up. I am, now more than ever, fully aware that I need to take radical responsibility for the way I show up in the world, with what I align myself with and the way I honour myself and others.

So, I am making the declaration here in writing, that this is a ‘no-complaints-zone’ for the next week (at least). I need to clean to up my energetic space and it begins with this simple step. My brain, vocal chords, mouth and tongue have better, more aligned things to do.

In saying that, I know that I feel most aligned, alive and light when I give back and serve others. So tonight, my question to you is: How can I serve you today and every day? What can I do to show up for you as a friend? What can I do to support you in your challenges? I know that I’m being called to step up in this way, so please don’t think your response/need/want/desire is silly.

These are my declarations to you. Thank you.

With gratitude and love,



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