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Declaration debrief: did I complain and was that the point anyway?

If you’re a pretty frequent visitor to these parts (these parts being my social media pages), then you may have read my big, sweeping declaration to the Universe last week. I vowed to clean up my energetic space by instating a no-complaints-zone, beginning with a week and then beyond. So, how do I go?

Well, after making a statement as big and as public as that, I immediately became very aware of the words I was using and the energy I was conveying. The first night went down without a hitch and there were no complaints in sight. The next day I learned that my colleagues at work had also read my post and were super keen to get involved too. It was a beautiful first 24 hours of positivity and gratitude.

Then, I hit a small bump in the road. At a social gathering that weekend, I found myself in a conversation that wasn’t exactly one of appreciation or joy, and I stayed there. I stayed there and I contributed. Instantly, I felt the gross churn in my stomach that I sometimes feel when I participate in gossip and I started inwardly judging myself. ‘It’s only Day 3…you can’t even last a week!’ my inner voice began. ‘Why didn’t you walk away?’ ‘If you only you were stronger.’ Then, the question I’d been dreading… ‘Does this mean I’ve failed?’

It’s funny how we often see things as so black and white. Complain once…failure. Eat one ‘cheat’ meal…failure. Not 100% perfection… failure. It was in that moment, when that fear based voice started popping up and suggesting that I was somehow ‘less than’ because of this one incident, that I knew I had to stop it in its tracks. Complaining once, twice or even multiple times for the next week, didn’t and wouldn’t mean that I had somehow failed. It wouldn’t mean anything about ‘who I am’ and my worth. What it would be, is an awesome reminder of what I want to achieve and a signpost, pointing me back on track.

For the rest of the week, I did complain. Nowhere near as often or as frequently as in the past, but I did. However, each time I was aware of it (sometimes even before I said it) and I used the realisation to recalibrate myself back to a place of joy and gratitude. I also used it as a chance to send myself some love, instead of belittling myself for ‘doing it again’. All in all, I think that’s the biggest lesson that my week of ‘no-complaints’ taught me. Self-compassion. Self-compassion. Self-compassion.

I invite you to take the ‘no complaints’ challenge too and see what beautiful lessons and learnings come out of it for you. And if you do, let me know all about it by commenting below.

With gratitude and love,



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