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A love letter to money.

Yesterday, I posted an Instagram story about the amazing work of Peta Kelly around money. I had just binge watched her 5 days of Conscious Money Magic videos (found on her Facebook) and was so damn inspired! In these videos, Peta speaks about her beliefs regarding money including how the collective beliefs around money are often more harmful than positive, how money is an energy and it simply flows to where it is appreciated and aligned, and how we can contribute to the abundance of ourselves and others by being more generous! No talk of budgets, investments or stocks anywhere ladies! Now, that’s my kind of money chat.

After watching, my square eyes and I curled up in bed and sat down to rewrite our money story in the form of a love letter to money itself. And that, is what I would like to share with you today.

But first, let me share with you my OLD money story and beliefs. (I’m a little embarrassed and ashamed about a few of these but, that’s what personal development is all about- shining a spotlight on your shit and embracing radical awareness to move forward with compassion).

*Money is a balancing act- if you have too little you can’t lead a functional life but if you have too much then you are greedy.

*If you’re rich and you give to charity- you’re just trying to mask your greed and appear as good-hearted.

*’Good’ and ‘empathetic’ people should only seek enough to survive and live comfortably, they shouldn’t strive for more.

*Happiness and a ‘good’ life is separate to money.

*Investment and stocks are risky.

*Don’t spend too much- save as much as you can from each pay cheque. Then, as the number in your account gets larger, you will feel more comfortable and calm.

*Don’t indulge in yourself too much- and just buy as cheaply as possible if you do.

*Having more than your parents isn’t okay.

*Living with someone means that everything is paid for 50/50.

*If you can, give generously (you’re a bad person if you ever stop doing this).

*You shouldn’t keep score in a relationship around who has paid what.

Okay, so that last one is actually quite positive. And now for my new money story, in the form of a love letter to money.

Dear money,

Firstly, I want to apologise for the way I’ve treated you in the past. I’ve considered you to be a necessary evil almost, and that isn’t fair. You are an energy, and my perception of you has led to my poor behaviour. I’m now choosing radical responsibility. I’m now choosing a new story. I want to cultivate a better relationship with you and that begins with appreciation.

I appreciate the way you reward me for my teaching work.

I appreciate that you’re the reason that I have a beautiful home with my partner.

I appreciate that you allow me to experience the joy of hot showers each morning.

I appreciate that I have a way to get from A to B on safe roads because you exist in the form of taxes.

I appreciate that you came to my parents abundantly so that I was able to experience a fulfilling childhood.

I appreciate your forgiveness for the times when I’ve spoken ill of you and still expected you to show up and be there.

Here is what I now choose to believe about you.

I believe that you are energy, in the form of currency, created by the same entity that created us all, and made of the same matter that I am.

I believe that you match the vibration of the receiver and circulate in this way as needed.

I believe that you are always listening and respond to the stories that we choose to believe.

I believe that you are on my team and if I’m clear with my vision, you will support me in that.

I believe that you can help me to fulfil my purpose here.

I believe that you are not a ‘thing’ to be owned but an energy to be circulated.

Thank you money. Let’s do this.

Love Jess :)

With that, I invite you to consider your own money story. Is it a supportive one or could it be improved? The majority of us hate on money, bills and taxes yet still expect it to show up for us. Would we expect the same of a friend? Something to think about.

With gratitude and love,



P.s. Tag, you’re it! I’ve shared, now it’s your turn. Email me at info@jessicademunck.com if this post resonated with you and you want to connect.


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