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The Apple Experiment: Getting curious about energy- Part 1.

For the past few months, I’ve been super fascinated by the concept of energy. It all started when I heard about a scientist in Japan, Dr Masaru Emoto, who had conducted an experiment with water. He filled multiple jars with water, and over a period of time he spoke positively about light subjects to some jars, and negatively about dark subjects to other jars. After a while, he used a microscope to look closely at the molecular structure of the water and found that the ones which received positive words had formed beautiful crystallised structures, and the others had not.

At first, I was quite sceptical. My mind went straight to all the variables involved in a test like that, and whether he had completed it fairly. (If you’ve ever watched Brooklyn 9-9, you’ll understand me when I say I feel like Amy Santiago right now…) Scrolling down to the comments on the YouTube video, I could see that I wasn’t alone. But then I started wondering why I was so sceptical. Not everything that exists is able to be seen by human eyes. Take the force of gravity, or the existence of bacteria for example.

At the most basic level, all of us have no issues with recognising that everything in our world is made up of matter, which is a form of energy. We learn about potential and kinetic energy at school, we use phrases like “That jog drained all of my energy” and we know that if we are feeling unwell, we may lack energy and we do things such as rest to regain some of that energy back. So why does the concept of emotional or vibrational energy cause such a cynical reaction?

I’ve decided to test this theory out for myself. Instead of glasses of water I’ve taken an apple, cut it in half and put each half into a plastic air tight container. I’ve labelled one of them ‘positive’ and one of them ‘negative’. Today, I began speaking to each one with either positive or negative intent. The first apple received praise such as ‘You are such a gorgeous apple. You are succulent and juicy. You are the goddam queen of all apples.’ The second apple received words that I’m not able to repeat…

My plan is to keep this up daily for the next week at least, and keep you all updated on what happens. Will the structure of the apples change depending on the positive or negative energy that they receive? Watch this space to find out!

With gratitude and love,



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