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Let's get spiritual.

When I first began delving into personal development and self-help, I found that I was drawn to books, social media, and websites which were mostly about the mind and aspects of positive thinking. As time has gone by, I’ve found myself exploring more spiritual texts, and the topics of consciousness and higher entities.

Growing up, I was raised in a non-religious family with parents who had different views on spirituality. My Dad identifies as a humanist, or non-believer. He has read the bible cover to cover, and has researched many of the world religions. He is someone who jumps at the chance to discuss religion in any form, and so we had lots of open discussions over the years about spirituality and beliefs in general. My Mum traditionally accepted the fact that there was a God, but didn’t think too much about it or practise any sort of faith. Nowadays, she admits that she isn’t convinced about a higher power but likes to believe that there is something more than us.

From a young age, I considered myself an Atheist. I didn’t like the idea of an all-powerful ‘man’ in the sky, who was to be worshipped and obeyed. The idea of going to church didn’t excite me, and furthermore, the story of creation seemed quite silly to me so I preferred to admit that I had no idea about how the universe was created than to conform to an idea that I didn’t agree with.

Lately though, my ideas seem to be changing. I still admit that I have no idea about creation, and I’m open to my new beliefs being challenged but I wouldn’t say that I’m an Atheist anymore. The concept of energy is something that intrigues me greatly, and the idea of the Universe being a higher entity is something I’m currently exploring. I like the idea that we are co-creators of our lives, in line with the Universe and its energy. I think I also like the concept of the Universe as a greater power, because it’s not a humanised entity that needs to be obeyed or bowed down to in any way. It’s the energy and matter that we are made of, it’s the energy and matter that is what the natural world is made of and it is a force that works with us to create life and growth.

Thinking of the Universe in this way has felt so supportive and refreshing. I always envied those people who relied on their faith in times of hardship. I went to a Baptist high school, and one of my teachers once told me that praying and surrendering to God had helped him through a tough time. I used to wish that I could take this piece of Christianity but leave the rest. Lately, I’ve been able to incorporate these themes of faith and surrender in my own life in a different way. If something is seeming too much to cope with, I can take on the understanding that Universe is granting me this in order for me to grow. Likewise, if I want to manifest something or make room for something new, I can work with the Universe to make this happen.

It almost blows my mind that this shift in belief is occurring in my life. From my devout Atheist ways, this might seem to others like quite a big leap but for me, it simply feels right. I’m open to exploring this further and having my views challenged, but for now, I’m comforted by the knowledge that there is an entity greater than me that is working with me for my highest good.

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