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Let's celebrate our superpowers!

As women, something we tend to do a lot of is focus on things that are a ‘struggle’, things that we think need to be changed and even parts of our body that we don’t particularly love. I’ve noticed myself doing this quite a bit recently. For example, the other day I began thinking about a lesson that I’d taught at school that hadn’t gone exactly to plan. Next, my inner critic piped up to remind me about all the bills that my partner and I have to pay for trades for our new house. And before I knew it, I was down the rabbit hole of negative chatter that I’d hazard a guess as to say, most of us are familiar with.

The reason I bring this up isn’t to vilify that inner voice we all have but instead, to gently remind you that there is another way. Our job is to become aware of that thought spiral, recognise when it pops up and then train our brain to think in a more supportive and loving way. This could mean directing it to list things that you are grateful for instead, or become more mindful of your surroundings by finding 3 things you can see, hear and feel.

Sometimes, training our brain to think in this new, positive way can seem overwhelming. Especially, if it’s been functioning under the old, worn-out, negative system for years and years. BUT I’ve found something that can help you on your way. Melissa Ambrosini (Author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, the book that changed it all for me, and host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show podcast) has created a quick 2 minute quiz on her website to help you to find your super power. Finding and owning your strengths and the things that make you shine can be so powerful when we want to change our thought patterns. I took the quiz and was astounded by how accurate the results were!

I challenge you to take it yourself, and then share your gifts and talents with your community of women. Let’s build each other up and celebrate our super powers!


With gratitude and love,



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