Shift your perspective and embrace your brilliance in less than 10 minutes!

Are you ready to step out as the real you?

My FREE Authenticity Meditation will help you to: 

*Slow your breathing to a relaxed state

*Elevate the story of who you are in this lifetime

*Visualise your ideal life

*Transfer your new understanding into your daily life 

See what others are saying:

“It left me feeling empowered and excited about the future!”


I’m a regular meditator, and I already felt pretty relaxed before listening to Jess’ Authenticity Meditation but afterwards I felt absolutely incredible! The guided audio totally resonated with me and the background music was really soothing. Jess’ voice is perfect for meditations and I would definitely recommend it to others.


-Vanessa Spencer, Primary School Teacher

“I would definitely recommend this meditation to others!”


After a ratty and loud day at work, I was exhausted when I sat down to meditate. After listening, I instantly felt lighter and softer. The background music helped me to calm my thoughts and stop them from interrupting each other. I can’t think of anyway this meditation could be improved. I enjoyed the length, pace and the music.


-Becky Pearson, Early Childhood Teacher

“Jess’ voice was reassuring and settling.”


Before meditating, I felt tired, stressed and busy as it was the end of my work day. The guided audio led me to feel settled and comfortable, and the background music made me feel peaceful and safe. I really enjoyed the space to visualise in between the dialogue towards the end. I definitely recommend this meditation!”


-Caitlin Quartermaine, Marketing Specialist

Ready to meditate? 

“Jess’ Authenticity Meditation helped me to feel very trusting in myself and the choices I make.”


Listening to this meditation left me feeling reflective and hopeful. I found myself thinking into the future, and about how I can discover my true self and let my light shine to the world. The background music made me feel calm, present and light. I would certainly recommend this meditation to others.


-Bianca Crisp, Primary School Teacher

"It would be a fantastic weekly rebalance to check in with yourself.”


It made me feel really relaxed, focused, warm and safe. It allowed me to bring more awareness to my body, as well as how accepting I can be of myself. Realising that I am enough as I am and that I don’t need to constantly be striving to be a better version of myself really resounded with me. It helped me to center myself and call in some self-appreciation. It was a reminder of what’s important to me and to keep being conscious of how I’m going about life. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!



-Eloise Ashton, Biology Student

“I went from being restless and anxious to feeling lighter and happier.”


Before listening to The Authenticity Meditation, I felt stressed and edgy, however, Jess’ voice was really calming and extremely relaxing. I’ve listened to it multiple times now and it always makes me feel lighter and happier. I love the background music too, it helps me to block out what is happening around me and allows me to just chill for a minute. Jess, please make more!


-Emma Hoskins, Primary School Teacher


Words and guided audio by: Jessica Demunck 

Music by: Cobie Mason

Recorded by: Cobie Mason

Mastered by: Mason Vellios at MV Studios

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