Welcome beauty!

Are you an overworked and overwhelmed educator?

Well, you've come to the right place!


It's time to ditch the burnout and learn how to truly thrive.


Hi there- I'm Jess!

I'm a Wellness Coach for Teachers and it's my mission to support educators to cultivate mindful, calm and balanced lives. 


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I believe that thriving educators create thriving communities and I'm here to guide heart-led teachers, just like you, from simply surviving to truly thriving. 

I do what I do because:


"Working with Jess was a life changing experience!"

Since becoming a teacher I had struggled to find that work-life balance, it was affecting my relationships, my confidence and I was constantly stressed- something definitely needed to change! I reached out to Jess because I had my wedding coming up and I wanted to find ways to try keep my stress levels down and make sure I enjoyed the day. But it was more than that, I wanted to set myself up to be the best version of myself and be proud of who I am. 


As soon as I had my first session with Jess, she was so passionate, enthusiastic and just made me feel so comfortable and accepted. I couldn’t wait to get deeper into my goals and learn more so I could grow into a happier and more relaxed version of me. Now I feel a lot happier and more confident in myself, those mean voices in my head aren’t as loud anymore and I have the power to shut them down. I feel like I can tackle stress better and have stopped beating myself up, I’m definitely kinder to myself! I feel more relaxed and I don’t let things get to me as much as they used to. I feel like my priorities are more aligned and I’m being truer to myself.


-Bianca Crisp

It's your job to support your students, it's my job to support YOU.

Are you ready to thrive, beautiful teacher?